To Forgive, but not Forget

To Forgive, but not Forget
by Corey-Ann

God spoke to me in a very powerful way today he said: To truly forgive someone does not mean to forget the wrong that was done, but to stop remembering it.
      I believe God wants us to forgive, but not to forget. Because if we forget, then we are no wiser for the events that happened. I believe that instead of forgetting, God simply wants us to stop remembering. Let me give you an example: To continually remember a wrong done to you is like having been stabbed with a knife and continually picking at the wound. You think about it, you feel it, it causes you pain, and you continue to reopen it, preventing it from healing. But to remember no more is to let that wound close and heal until all that’s left is a scar. A mark, evidence of what has happened in your life. You know it is there, but you barely ever think of it or even notice it. It has become a part of your past that changed you in some way, but in the past is where it remains.
    To stop thinking on it. To stop bringing it up in conversations. To not hold it in our hearts. When we stop remembering, we know the wrong that happened and we learn from it. But we know that it happened in the past and that is where we let it stay, we do not keep it alive by remembering it. God has done this same thing for us: “I (God), even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” (Isaiah 43:25)
      We are always told “Forgive and forget” But to that I would say, “NO! Do not forget!” Because in forgetting, we also forget God’s grace in bringing us through that situation, the lessons learned from the mistakes that were made, and the strength that God bestowed up on us, enabeling us to forgive. Instead let us “remember sins no more” just as God has done for us.

“To truly forgive does not mean to forget, but to stop remembering.”

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