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My Story:

In 2014 my life changed.  I made a big decision. I decided to move to Honduras to do missions full time.

In 2012 I felt God putting an unusual burden on my heart. A burden that I, honestly, had never heard of anyone having before. He began to burden me with the need for Misisonary Childcare – someone to take care of the children of misionaries so that the parents could continue working in the field, without sacrificing the care of their children. And I felt him calling me to do something about it. So I began to pray. I began to ask questions and talk with different missionary families. I began looking for an open door. I looked and prayed that whole year. No doors opened. So I let it go. If God wanted it to happen, he would show me. Another year passed and no doors opened. Missionary Childcare slipped into the back of my mind and I continued on with life.

In 2014 my church announced that they were organizing a week long missions trip to Honduras. As I watched the informational video for the trip I felt like someone had hit me in the stomach with a boulder. I knew I had to go. But I had already commited to going on a trip to El Salvador that year, so I shook off the feeling and decided to continue with my original plan. But the feeling didnt go away, and I just couldnt shake knowing that I needed to go on this trip. The day of the Honduras trip deadline showed up and as I sat once again in the church pew and saw the video play again, I was struck with such strong conviction that I could not deny it. I had to go. God was adamant. Never had I felt God direct me so strongly. So I put my name on the list. I was going.

During my week in Honduras I fell in love with it. With the people, with the language, with the work. But it was more than just things, I had a desire to come back, a hunger to come back. A deep yearning that could only have placed there by God.  A desire to work on the mission with which we had served that week. It was completely illogical – I knew no-one there, didn’t speak the language, didn’t know the first thing about the reality missions, didn’t have any money. Never the less, it was something Icouldn’t shake. Even after months of being back in the states, I couldn’t overcome the feeling that I no longer belonged in the USA, but that I was supposed to be where the roads were dirt, the roosters crow at night, and the Geckos sing in the windows. I had left my heart back in Honduras, but there was no opening for me to work on the mission. I began to be angry with God. I did not understand. Why would he give me this passion, this desire, and this place If there was no opening for me to go back? No need that I could fill?…. Or so I thought.

A few months later before a concert, I sat down in an auditorium to say hello to one of the gentleman who’d gone on the trip with me and we began to talk about the trip. I mentioned about how I felt that I was supposed to go back. “You know” he said to me (knowing nothing of my wanting to work with kids), “While we were in Honduras the mission directors mentioned to me that they were looking for someone to take care of and school their children as they are getting older.” My head at that instant started going crazy inside. This was what I had been praying for the past 2 years.

I began to email back and forth with the mission and in June went back down to work and live on the mission for a trial month. During that time God confirmed with me and with the mission staff that Honduras was where he wanted me tobe. So I came back to the states to fund-raise and prepare/pack. By November(miraculously) I had my first year of living fully funded and was on a plane to my new home.

I have since been living and working down in Honduras being a nanny, homeschooling, doing interpreting, teaching english, and whatever else God brings for me to do at the moment. I am so priviledged to be able to live and work here. God has been so faithful. He always provides, protects, and guides me – even in the times where I think my way is better than His. I am so blessed to be able to call Honduras my home and continue on this incredible road that God has laid out for me.dsc_5448edt

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