These summer months are flying by and have been filled to the max! Anyone else feel like this? I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since my last update. There has been a lot going on, so let’s jump right in!

The rainy season has been lovely this year. Everything is beautiful and green, and the nights are cool. Rainy season is usually from June through mid August and after that it tapers off and only rains occasionally. As we come to the tail end of consistent rainy days, the heat has made its way back into the daytime hours, but generally cools off towards evening. 
  As we continue to host teams and weddings, we have been blessed that the rain has not caused us any major difficulties….we had a wedding just a few weeks ago and even though rain was in the forecast, if held off until the wedding was over.

The mountains are beautiful and green thanks to all of the rain!   

This month I had the opportunity to travel back to the USA and be a part of a missions themed week at my home church. It was such a blessing to be able to connect with both old and new friends and share what God has been doing in Honduras. During the mission’s week I had the privilege of speaking and sharing about my ministry, fellowshipping with church members and other missionaries, and participating in a special missions themed service where we read scripture and worshiped in various languages.    I almost didn’t get to go back, but God was faithful and made it happen. The week I was supposed to travel I tested positive for covid and was sick and weak for about a week, but thankfully I was able to change my ticket and still arrive in time to participate in the mission’s activities and visit with family and friends.
Sharing about Honduras and how God is moving through ministry.

 -For continued guidance, wisdom, and provision

-For my health & strength. I have been having some continuing health struggles as of late and am on some new treatments to help get me better. 

-For boldness and strength as I continue moving toward what God calls me to do here in Honduras.

-For unity and strength for our staff here at El Ayudante. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! You are a great blessing and I am so glad to have you all partnering with me as we spread the love of Jesus in the country of Honduras. May God bless you all greatly as you continue to seek after Him!


March/April In Review

March and April were busy months filled with teams, projects, school, and more. March-May are officially the hottest months of the year here and it never fails that Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) is the hottest week of the year. This year was no exception. 

Holy Week is one of the countries biggest vacation holidays and many people use the time off to head to the beach or the countryside. During the week EA hosted a movie night where the community sold food to raise funds for a new community project. We had a great turn out and the night was a lot of fun!

We recently had an All Staff Day where all of our staff go off campus together for a day of teachings and trainings. This year the focus was “Interpersonal Communication.” We got to listen to a series of different presenters teach on listening, communication, and conflict resolution. We also had a time of worship as a staff at the beginning of the day.

With teams back in full swing this year, there has been so much going on! Helping with our Family Night Ministry has been going very well and our communities are loving having the children and family programs back in place again! 

We have already had 2 weddings with a total of 5 couples getting married! 
This year a team from my home church came down and got to spend the week serving with us as well as be host to one of this year’s weddings! 
One of the special parts of hosting a wedding is getting to know the couples over dinner the week of the wedding. I often get the privilege of translating for teams during this time, and it is always so special to watch the relationships grow as stories and lives are shared.

Please continue to pray that God would give me wisdom and strength to continue going where he leads in ministry and in life. 

Pray for me to learn to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Pray for me and the other staff as we continue to be in a time of transition as we seek people to fill the roles we have open.

I pray you are well and would love to hear from you soon! 


2022: A Little Bit Of Everything

 These first 2 months of the year have been so full and busy – I feel like I have my hand in a little bit of everything this year. The end & beginning of the year always follow this pattern since there is so much prep work to do for the new year of ministry.
I’ve been busy with
-Producing Videos
-Transcripting & translating
-Planning the Year of Projects
-Serving in church
-English Tutoring
-Writing devotionals
-Creating programs
-And more

   School has been going well with the girls. They are in 6th and 4th grade this year and I’m always amazed at what quick learners they are! They are both currently working on long division in their math books (one with whole numbers and one with decimals) and every day seems to turn into a race to see who can finish their work first!
   As an extracurricular activity, I’ve started teaching them how to create digital art. They are working on learning about different textures, layers, brushes, and learning how to navigate the drawing programs on their tablets. It has been so neat to see all of their creative ideas come to life!

    Outside of my regular El Ayudante work I have been able to serve in other ways with other organizations. I continue working with the church through translating and art ministry, and for the next 2 weeks I also have the privilege of working with RREACH International. 2 years ago I was certified in expository preaching through their academy in Honduras and now am part of a team helping to certify a new group of women from all over Latin America.
    When I took the course in 2019 it was an incredible experience and changed the way that I was able to study and understand the scriptures. I am so excited for all of these women to experience and be empowered with that same knowledge. It is a very intense program, both for the teachers and students, and is definitely out of my comfort zone to be using so much technical Spanish for hours on end every day & in front of so many people, but it is 100% worth it!
  This year I am also leading our Family Night Program here at EA.  Family Night is a special night that we host once a week with our short-term teams. We go to a different local church with each team and teach about the importance of strong families and also having fun together as a family. Families rotate through 4 stations including Bible Memory, Crafts, Bible Trivia, and Games. At each station, families are taught an activity and lesson that they can take home and implement in their homes to grow together in Christ.
Prayer Requests:
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support in this year of 2022! This month please join me in prayer for the following things:

Pray for this last half of the school year with the girls, that I would have the wisdom, patience, and grace to continue teaching them in the way that allows them to best learn and understand.
-For the RREACH academy of expository preaching. That all of the women would be encouraged and blessed. That my mind would be clear and my Spanish as well.
-For the programs and teams happening this year at EA. That God would keep everyone in good health and safety, and that programs would be a blessing in our communities.
-For this new year of ministry, that I would listen to God’s guidance, and have the faith to trust his provision & follow where he leads.
May God continue to bless you all this year as you seek after him!
I am so excited to see all that the rest of this year brings!

Sept/Oct: Residency, Art & Teams, Oh My! 

As 2021 is officially winding down and I have so much to update you all on!


As of September I am officially a permanent Honduran Resident! I have officially lived in Honduras long enough, and fulfilled all of the requirements to obtain permanent residency here. This means that my status of being able to live in country is now permanent and not dependent on renewing my permission and getting a new ID card every year. Being a permanent resident is not equal to citizenship, but it is the next best thing, and it doesn’t affect my US citizenship in any way. This is a huge blessing, and is a very exciting milestone for me. 

 Looking Back

 These past months, along with my normal work, I have had the opportunity to work on many projects that I hadn’t been able to before and I have loved it!
I’ve gotten to
-Lead a women’s ministry art workshop in the mountain
-Work with our Learning Center students on painting projects
-Work behind the scenes prepping materials for different ministries
-Coordinate sponsor communications and gifts for our students
-Work on larger scale translation projects
-Working with my church to create paintings that they can sell to help fund the church & give to teams

Looking Ahead 

As we move through this last quarter of 2021 some things are winding down just as others are beginning.

    -Our last team for the year comes on Nov. 13th and we will begin back up again in January of 2022.
      -School has started back up again and the girls are now officially in classes with me again. Our first 2 weeks were virtual, as they were still in the states, but have since been in person.
     -Change is ever-present as we continue to transition through changes in staff, changes in roles, changes in legal requirements
with COVID, etc.

Prayer Requests:
-Please continue to pray for God’s guidance in my life and for a clear mind to make decisions and follow his leading.
-Pray for Financial provision for the new ministry year of 2022 and beyond
Thank you for all of your prayers and support as we finish out the year 2021. 
-Pray for protection and physical health 
-Pray for my heart and emotions as well as those of all of the other missionaries on campus. This year of transition has been heavy and we need your prayers.
 Everything happening in Honduras is made possible through each one of you – thank you so much for partnering with me to further the kingdom of Jesus in Honduras and around the world!

Update Time

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it is already August…the months keep flying by at the speed of light! This month we have had many rainy days…chilly enough to even be worthy of putting on a sweater! We have also had many transitions and projects happening.

We have
-Hosted Teams
-Held Pastor’s Trainings
-Said goodbye to several Staff members
-Started new projects with our high schoolers
-Taken on new positions with staff changes
-Taken on new interns and volunteers
-Installed floors, latrines, filters, and built houses
-And so much more.
Watch the month of July’s ministry in review!
   In my personal ministry, I have been working with our high schoolers on art projects that they will be sending to their sponsors in October. Each week I meet with a different group of students to help them paint their projects and to organize and prep all the mailers going out. We are mailing out a total of 148 gifts to sponsors and it has been so cool to watch the kid’s creativity come alive working on these gifts.

   I have been working on translating a financial planning workshop( papers, PowerPoint, worksheets, lessons, etc.) that will be used in a special class to help teach our pastors about how to be good stewards of their finances, both personal and ministry. I am so excited about this tool being available for our local pastors! There is very no education about financial management and budgeting available in the rural areas, and equipping our pastors with this knowledge has the power to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

   I have also been able to work on many behind the scenes projects to get ready for the coming year of ministry. 
-Writing the team devotional book for 2022
-Creating flyers, cards, and handouts
-Working on themes and designs
-Revamping presentations and meeting formats
-Producing and planning educational videos for teams and supporters
Prayer Requests:

-Please pray for our staff as we are going through many transitions right now. Old Staff leaving and new coming, job position changes, continuing to navigate COVID, etc.
-Pray for wisdom and discernment as we seek to bring on new staff.-Pray for God’s provision and direction in providing new staff called to work with us.
-Pray for health and safety for staff and community
-Pray for Joy and peace as we continue working where God calls us.
Thank you for all your prayers and support! None of this would be possible without God working though you!

If you wish to come along side me as a ministry partner, either financially or through prayer, please email me to learn how.

Feb/Mar Update

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer!

       At least here in Honduras it is! This month is host to some of the hottest weeks of the year – and also the driest. Thankfully, we have been blessed with some scattered rain showers these past few weeks that help to cool things down.

      These past months we have been able to do some amazing projects through our hurricane relief program. We have continued cleaning out homes and adopting families – each family receives a kit with all of the basics needed to restart their lives(refrigerator, table, bed, stove, chairs, dishes, etc.).
      We were also able to do an exciting new relief project this month! Because of the hurricanes, the entire community of Buen Samaritano had lost their roofs. During this last month, thanks to donations and support, we were able to re-roof the ENTIRE community! After all 70 roofs were completed, the community held a worship service and dinner dedication for our team.

School is going great with the girls. They have been getting great grades and have been learning so much! This year in History Class we studied the Black Plague, which was super interesting, and brought about many interesting discussions, considering all that we have been living through with COVID.

      It has been wonderful being able to serve in the church again this year, as we have gotten all of our ministries going again since shutting down last year due to COVID.
     Aside from my regular translating and art ministry in the church, I have joined the Church’s team of teachers, and started teaching weekly discipleship classes. 2 years ago I was able to attend an academy to become certified in Inductive Bible Study and Expository Preaching, and have been able to use that knowledge to teach others through the discipleship program that teaches the Inductive Bible Study Method.

      This past month I began helping with a new English tutoring program in or Learning Center. We have scholarship students who were selected to be a part of a special English program through a local school and come each week to receive tutoring, and practice using the language skills they have been learning. I have enjoyed practicing with them and getting to know them through our weekly time together.

   Thank you for all of your prayers and support! Together we are able to share the love of Jesus in so many different ways and make a difference in the country of Honduras!
     If you have any questions on how you can get involved or support the ministry happening in Honduras, or would just like to connect, I would love to hear from you! You can send me an email at coreyann@eahonduras.org. 

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