Who I Am

My name is Corey-Ann and serve as a full time missionary in the country of Honduras.

Since 2014 I have been working with the mission of El Ayudante to change lives with the love of Christ by meeting the needs of those in the rural communities in our area of Honduras.

I invite you to come and learn about this beautiful country and all that God is doing here!

Misionarte Collection

This collection of paintings is a series of pieces through which I depict some of the life lessons learned on the mission field.

Each painting is a reflection of the beauty of the country of Honduras and includes a quote taken from my writings about things my soul has learned during my years as a missionary.

My prayer is that each piece blesses you as much as the process of creating it has blessed me.

The pieces are available for purchase individually or as a complete collection.

All proceeds go to fund my work in Honduras.