2022: A Little Bit Of Everything

 These first 2 months of the year have been so full and busy – I feel like I have my hand in a little bit of everything this year. The end & beginning of the year always follow this pattern since there is so much prep work to do for the new year of ministry.
I’ve been busy with
-Producing Videos
-Transcripting & translating
-Planning the Year of Projects
-Serving in church
-English Tutoring
-Writing devotionals
-Creating programs
-And more

   School has been going well with the girls. They are in 6th and 4th grade this year and I’m always amazed at what quick learners they are! They are both currently working on long division in their math books (one with whole numbers and one with decimals) and every day seems to turn into a race to see who can finish their work first!
   As an extracurricular activity, I’ve started teaching them how to create digital art. They are working on learning about different textures, layers, brushes, and learning how to navigate the drawing programs on their tablets. It has been so neat to see all of their creative ideas come to life!

    Outside of my regular El Ayudante work I have been able to serve in other ways with other organizations. I continue working with the church through translating and art ministry, and for the next 2 weeks I also have the privilege of working with RREACH International. 2 years ago I was certified in expository preaching through their academy in Honduras and now am part of a team helping to certify a new group of women from all over Latin America.
    When I took the course in 2019 it was an incredible experience and changed the way that I was able to study and understand the scriptures. I am so excited for all of these women to experience and be empowered with that same knowledge. It is a very intense program, both for the teachers and students, and is definitely out of my comfort zone to be using so much technical Spanish for hours on end every day & in front of so many people, but it is 100% worth it!
  This year I am also leading our Family Night Program here at EA.  Family Night is a special night that we host once a week with our short-term teams. We go to a different local church with each team and teach about the importance of strong families and also having fun together as a family. Families rotate through 4 stations including Bible Memory, Crafts, Bible Trivia, and Games. At each station, families are taught an activity and lesson that they can take home and implement in their homes to grow together in Christ.
Prayer Requests:
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support in this year of 2022! This month please join me in prayer for the following things:

Pray for this last half of the school year with the girls, that I would have the wisdom, patience, and grace to continue teaching them in the way that allows them to best learn and understand.
-For the RREACH academy of expository preaching. That all of the women would be encouraged and blessed. That my mind would be clear and my Spanish as well.
-For the programs and teams happening this year at EA. That God would keep everyone in good health and safety, and that programs would be a blessing in our communities.
-For this new year of ministry, that I would listen to God’s guidance, and have the faith to trust his provision & follow where he leads.
May God continue to bless you all this year as you seek after him!
I am so excited to see all that the rest of this year brings!

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