Sept/Oct: Residency, Art & Teams, Oh My! 

As 2021 is officially winding down and I have so much to update you all on!


As of September I am officially a permanent Honduran Resident! I have officially lived in Honduras long enough, and fulfilled all of the requirements to obtain permanent residency here. This means that my status of being able to live in country is now permanent and not dependent on renewing my permission and getting a new ID card every year. Being a permanent resident is not equal to citizenship, but it is the next best thing, and it doesn’t affect my US citizenship in any way. This is a huge blessing, and is a very exciting milestone for me. 

 Looking Back

 These past months, along with my normal work, I have had the opportunity to work on many projects that I hadn’t been able to before and I have loved it!
I’ve gotten to
-Lead a women’s ministry art workshop in the mountain
-Work with our Learning Center students on painting projects
-Work behind the scenes prepping materials for different ministries
-Coordinate sponsor communications and gifts for our students
-Work on larger scale translation projects
-Working with my church to create paintings that they can sell to help fund the church & give to teams

Looking Ahead 

As we move through this last quarter of 2021 some things are winding down just as others are beginning.

    -Our last team for the year comes on Nov. 13th and we will begin back up again in January of 2022.
      -School has started back up again and the girls are now officially in classes with me again. Our first 2 weeks were virtual, as they were still in the states, but have since been in person.
     -Change is ever-present as we continue to transition through changes in staff, changes in roles, changes in legal requirements
with COVID, etc.

Prayer Requests:
-Please continue to pray for God’s guidance in my life and for a clear mind to make decisions and follow his leading.
-Pray for Financial provision for the new ministry year of 2022 and beyond
Thank you for all of your prayers and support as we finish out the year 2021. 
-Pray for protection and physical health 
-Pray for my heart and emotions as well as those of all of the other missionaries on campus. This year of transition has been heavy and we need your prayers.
 Everything happening in Honduras is made possible through each one of you – thank you so much for partnering with me to further the kingdom of Jesus in Honduras and around the world!

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