I Am

I Am

I am a God who heals

I continually call you into closeness with me

Find me in the midst of the storm

Seek me in the moments of peace

I am the God of all time and all that is

Meet me in the early morning splendor

Sit with me in the cool of the night

I am yours for all eternity

Come to me

Hold my hand

I Am

I am your sustainer

Nothing can separate you from me

I am your Father, God

Draw near to me

Bring me all that you are

Cast upon me your burdens

I am Truth and Light

I will free you

I will hold  you.

Seek me in darkness and confusion

Cling to me

Cry out to me

I am your defender

Look to me

Keep your eyes on me

In me you breathe

In me you move

In me you have purpose and life

All that you are is dependent on who I am

And you are mine.

Take my hand, and together we will walk, we will fight,

we will overcome, and we will thrive.

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