Sleeping with Geckos

Tonight I watched the sunset over the mountains. It was glorious. So much glory, too much to capture on paper.  The sunsets here are so magnificent. The clouds are so dramatic, and 360 degrees around you, the sky is glowing golden and then pink, and then it slowly fades out to gray and then black, with an incredible abundance of stars shining overhead. It’s incredible.

I am sitting in my bunk now writing this. Night has come, and I love the sounds that it brings with it. In my room there is the calming and ever-present sound of many fans whirring.  Through my window the sounds of outside come seeping in, carried by the cool mountain breeze. The sound of many frogs croaking, the chirping of geckos, the buzz of night insects, the distant barking of some village dogs, the occasional sound of something brushing through the grass, the occasional cricket, the ever so distant and barely audible sound of a moto buzzing down the dirt road. The smell of night is sweet, and the air carries with it the smell of rain and dust. The night is a sweet symphony for my senses, and I am captivated by its glorious sound. It is as if God has created this glorious lullaby just for me.

There is a gecko who lives in my window and sings me to sleep every night. I love it. He never sings before dark and he doesn’t show his face during the day, but every night without fail he sits in my window and sings, adding to the symphony of the night.

It is glorious, and all orchestrated by my sweet Lord, the King of all creation, who has all creation singing praises to him. And it is by those same praises that I am lulled to sleep each night and awakened each morning. And my heart joins in the praise, as my spirit basks in his glory.

“Praise him…you mountains and all hills, fruit trees and cedars, wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds…..Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his splendor is above the earth and the heavens.” -Psalm 148:9,10,13

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