Before the day

I woke up this morning to the smell of wood-smoke, carried through my window by the cool mountain breezes. It is coming from an adobe oven not far from my home.

Outside of my window, the earth is bathed in early morning light, and the mountains are green and warm with sun. It is very peaceful. A few birds are chirping, a few Geckos are squeaking, but other than that it is very still. I treasure this early morning stillness. Within the next hour life will begin. Workers will start coming in, patients will be coming to the clinic, people will be visiting, kids will be calling my name, the mission will be buzzing with people, and time alone will be scarce. This time of peace is precious.

In this time of peace God speaks to me in different ways than in the busy of the day. He speaks dearly to my heart, and teaches me wonderful things. He shows me special things, things that cannot be found during the rush of the day. He shows me things that everyone sees, but somehow at this moment, in this hour, they were meant especially for me, and they touch my heart in ways they never have before. I am in awe, and feel so unworthy of his incredible and intimate love, and faithfulness. What love he has lavished on me, that he should call me his child!! And each and every day he fills me with love and grace anew, allowing me to start afresh while building on the experiences of the past. What an incredible God he is! And how blessed I am that he loves me!!

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