Art That Makes A Difference

The Stuff of Earth Stores are dedicated to sharing beauty and truth through art. 100% of the proceeds go to support Corey-Ann’s ministry in Honduras.

Corey-Ann is a donation-funded missionary at Misión Internacional El Ayudante in Comayagua Honduras where she serves as a nanny and teacher to the missionary children. This allows their parents to continue running the mission full time, while knowing their children are well taken care of.  She is also a part of the writing-media team, and works with short-term teams interpreting, hosting, and helping with the projects and programs they do in the communities.

The mission of El Ayudante is To grow committed followers of Christ by meeting the needs of our community.  And our vision is Changing lives, transforming communities. El Ayudante is committed to glorify God through intentional relationships and service to our community.

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