Update Time

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it is already August…the months keep flying by at the speed of light! This month we have had many rainy days…chilly enough to even be worthy of putting on a sweater! We have also had many transitions and projects happening.

We have
-Hosted Teams
-Held Pastor’s Trainings
-Said goodbye to several Staff members
-Started new projects with our high schoolers
-Taken on new positions with staff changes
-Taken on new interns and volunteers
-Installed floors, latrines, filters, and built houses
-And so much more.
Watch the month of July’s ministry in review!
   In my personal ministry, I have been working with our high schoolers on art projects that they will be sending to their sponsors in October. Each week I meet with a different group of students to help them paint their projects and to organize and prep all the mailers going out. We are mailing out a total of 148 gifts to sponsors and it has been so cool to watch the kid’s creativity come alive working on these gifts.

   I have been working on translating a financial planning workshop( papers, PowerPoint, worksheets, lessons, etc.) that will be used in a special class to help teach our pastors about how to be good stewards of their finances, both personal and ministry. I am so excited about this tool being available for our local pastors! There is very no education about financial management and budgeting available in the rural areas, and equipping our pastors with this knowledge has the power to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

   I have also been able to work on many behind the scenes projects to get ready for the coming year of ministry. 
-Writing the team devotional book for 2022
-Creating flyers, cards, and handouts
-Working on themes and designs
-Revamping presentations and meeting formats
-Producing and planning educational videos for teams and supporters
Prayer Requests:

-Please pray for our staff as we are going through many transitions right now. Old Staff leaving and new coming, job position changes, continuing to navigate COVID, etc.
-Pray for wisdom and discernment as we seek to bring on new staff.-Pray for God’s provision and direction in providing new staff called to work with us.
-Pray for health and safety for staff and community
-Pray for Joy and peace as we continue working where God calls us.
Thank you for all your prayers and support! None of this would be possible without God working though you!

If you wish to come along side me as a ministry partner, either financially or through prayer, please email me to learn how.

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