A Perspective on Struggles

Stuff Of Earth

By Corey-Ann

In speaking with a friend one day, he commented that I looked sad, and I told him I was. In an attempt at comfort, he said kindly, “Don’t worry, things will get better.” I looked at him and said “Where in the Bible does it say that? Where in the Bible does it say that things will get better?” He hesitated…”Well…” he said, “I guess when you die.”

“Exactly!” I responded. We laughed at the failed attempt at words of encouragement, but in all seriousness, it was perfect. I get tired of the trite Christian response of “Things will get better.” Because, honestly, sometimes they won’t.

The Bible never promises that things will get better for us in life. God doesn’t promise a life filled with happiness and fulfillment, and everything we could ever want. Not even close. In fact, I believe that along with each one of…

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