Fall Update

Fall Update:
    Believe it or not, the fall season is already upon us. It seems like only yesterday we were beginning the year.
    This has been a strange year of ministry…and a strange year all around. But God has been faithful throughout everything we have been walking through.
   As we go into fall, COVID continues to shape our ministry abilities here at EA.  Honduras continues to be on strict lockdown, so we are still not able to host teams or volunteers. The country is slowly beginning to reopen, and because of that, we are able to continue working in the communities, our clinic, and our Learning Center with the help of our wonderful Honduran staff.
   Our COVID food relief program continues to provide food to over 100 homes each week to those in our area most effected by the pandemic.
   This fall ministry looks a little different for me as I will be doing my work long distance. Because of some health concerns I will be spending a few months in the states on order to have access to needed medical care. Thanks to the internet, I will be continuing to work full time with El Ayudante during my time in the States. I will continue to provide homeschool via distance learning, translate, work the media department, be support staff, etc.
    I will also continue working with my Honduran church, offering translation for online studies, working in the media department, and continuing in the discipleship program.
     Please keep me in your prayers as converting to working completely online brings many challenges. And leaving Honduras during this time is very difficult as my heart longs to stay with everyone there and continue working alongside everyone in person.
     Please continue praying for the staff at El Ayudante and the people of Honduras as the country is in a severe state of crisis and the Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and have almost completely run out of supplies.
    Pray for mental and spiritual strength for the staff. Honduras has been locked down for over 6 months, with people being able to go out only once every 2 weeks. And the mental strain of being shut in for so long is very much wearing on people throughout the country.
    May God continue to bless and protect you all as you continue sharing his love in your daily lives and actions. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! The love of Jesus is still being shared in Honduras, and all over the world, despite the pandemic and all its effects!!

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