. Abide .

By Corey-Ann


How will you know if you do not abide?

It is in the abiding that knowledge comes. It is in the abiding where revealing happens. It is in the abiding where you know me. Where you KNOW me.

Because how can you know anything if you do not know my heart? It is in the abiding, in the hand-in-hand walking of the everyday, where you will be shown. Because how can I tell you if you are not close enough to hear? Walk beside me. Abide. It is in the abiding.

It is in the abiding where all that your soul so desperately longs for is found.

To abide. To dwell. To live in. To be all there. Your abode; where you abide.

Abide: to remain stable or fixed in a state

to conform to

to stay

to dwell

to rest

If one is to rest in something, there must exist trust. A surrender. A vulnerability. A letting go.

In the act of abiding there is trust.

If we are not abiding, perhaps we should ask what it is we are afraid of…afraid of letting go of.

Of the “purpose” found in the business? Of the glorification of the hectic? Are you afraid of where you will be led? What people will say? What you will hear? Of giving up the competition to be good enough?

What keeps you from abiding? And why?

To be whole, one must abide wholly. To be filled, one must abide fully. To abide we must let go of all the things we cling to in order to cling to the hand of the one who calls us to abide.

Stop competing. Stop running.

Let go and be filled. Abide to know. Breathe deeply of his presence. Abide.

Because without the abiding, we can do nothing.

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