Love  & Culture

“To celebrate Creation is to celebrate diversity, including diversities of people. And we cannot celebrate out of ignorance. Genuine celebration comes from genuine appreciation. This requires learning and understanding………All people bear the image of God (Gen 1:27). To learn of them and from them with an opened mind is to discover how God reveals something of himself through their distinct world and life view. As we know, all people have been injured by the fall, by sin’s hold on the world. Yet, God’s grace is present in all people and in all cultures. As we submit ourselves to learning from other cultures, we catch glimpses of God’s grace that would be unavailable in our own culture. We are called to love all people. But can I truly love someone I do not, at least in some measure, understand? Love requires some understanding of its object. That means love is actually culturally defined. When we truly love others, we love them in their own context, in keeping with the way they define love.” (Duane Elmer)

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