March 12th

      I look at the calendar an see that the date is March 12th. I can’t believe it is March already! This year is flying by.  

     The busier you are, the faster time seems to go by. And life here has (like always) been very busy . 

      So much happening, where do I start…..

   Well, Hot season has officially started up. We average about 98 degrees everyday with around 50% humidity. Some days the humidity will get up to 100%. The sun beats down full force from it’s rising to its setting. Cold drinking water is like gold. You can’t get enough to drink. You are never not thirsty, and never not sweating. But there is almost always a breeze, and we have jugs of drinking water always ready.           

          And with the summer come 3 of my favorite things. Clear starry Nights, glorious sunrises, and missions teams. The summer sunrises are so incredible here. So bright that they shine in your window and wake you up. So vivid and dramatic that you can’t turn your gaze away. And each so different from the others that you cannot help but stand in awe at the amazing, creative, Creator God who makes it all.       And at night, the stars are so close and so bright you feel like you could almost reach up and touch one. 

        We have had several teams already this year, and they have been so wonderful! I have had the opportunity to be working with them more and doing translating for them as they go into the communies or up into the mountain.  It has been amazing, and every single day I learn how little I truly know about life outside of my own preconsumptions and norms. And how blessed I am that God would still choose to use me, in all of my ignorance and foolishness, to be a mouth that speaks, and a hand that reaches out.

     The kids are all doing so well, I love being their nanny! Homeschooling Maddy has been such a neat experience. Seeing her learn and helping her understand new concepts; math, reading, and writing, history, and science, it has been so amazing! I love watching her world open and, how much she is enjoying and hungry to explore it all.

      This last week was especially exciting for me because I sent in my paperwork to start the process of getting my 3 year Residency here in Honduras. Basically this means that I will be able to stay in country (kind of like citizenship ) for the next 3 years. Without residency, I have to leave the country every 4 months to renew my tourist visa , which is what I did all last year.  So being semi-permanent here will allow me more freedom (and less plane tickets). And while I don’t know exactly how long God will have me stay here, this is an exciting step and will allow me to continue here for at least 3 years (or more or less) if He so decides. 

 Thank you for your continued prayer and support. It means more than you will ever know. May God continue to bless each and every one of you! 

sunrise over the mountains


sunrise view from my front porch

Cathedral in Comayagua





silliness with the boys


Maddy working on school


The boys with their best Doggy Friend, Petey



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