Update Time

FullSizeRender   This last month has been a busy one!! But in the best way!

I have had the opportunity to do so many things outside of my normal weekly schedule.

Everyday, Monday through Friday, I have the kids. We play games, do crafts, go on adventures, read, do learning, and so much more. I learn so much from them…. and laugh so much. 😉 They are all so smart! I am constantly amazed at how well they remember things, and how quickly they learn. They are amazing! I am so blessed to be able to be in their lives, and to have them  in mine.

IMG_2127    IMG_1879 Twice a week I teach adult English Classes with my co-teacher, Yosari.  I love teaching English classes, they are one of the highlights of my week! Last week my Beginner class learned a whole song in English! We learned “You are My Sunshine”.  They are doing so good, I am so proud!! Each month we have a different theme Bible verse(in English) for the class. And Part of their homework is to memorize each verse. I have issued a challenge, for every verse that they memorize in English and say in front of class, I will do the same in Spanish! This has given all of us the motivation (pressure/fear of embarrassment, what have you, lol) to make sure we get it done. 🙂

The first weekend of the month, some friends and I took a road trip to the Lake, Lago Yojoa. It was so fun! I even ate fish (I hate fish)! Ok, maybe I didn’t eat much of it…..at all. 😉 We took a boat ride, ate fish at a restaurant overlooking the lake, walked, and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Afterword we went to a little village called Pena Blanca, and stopped at a café, where I had the best coffee that I’ve ever had in my life! The terrain is so beautiful up by the lake! Very different than down where I live. Much greener, and richer. When I got to the lake, I couldn’t stop breathing it in! It smelled so good! I told my friends, “This is what Michigan smells like!!” I do miss the smell and the feeling of living on the lake.

The following weekend I was able to go to Tegucigulpa (the capitol city) to help on a medical/dental brigade in the central park. It was so wonderful! I loved it! I mostly did pre-clinic stuff, taking down names, ages, weights, and heights. And also got to help with the group who was doing evangelism. It was so neat, and such a great experience! I can’t wait to go again. IMG_2399IMG_2404

This month I was also able to attend a missionary retreat about an hour away from where I live.  There were over 200 missionaries in attendance, it was wonderful to meet so many of them. We had learning sessions, meals, fellowship, worship, and more. It was very reviving, and renewing, and encouraging! I so enjoyed it!!

Our House

Our House

The Lake

The Lake

IMG_2538 (1)

Boating at the Lake


Worship at the Retreat


One thought on “Update Time

  1. It sounds like a great month, Dracula! 🙂 I’m so happy to be watching how you are being used to minister on others and teach them (and me) so many things about integrity, hope, perseverance, joy, creativity, and why not…how to enjoy life a little better! 🙂
    You are an amazing teacher, and you honestly have a gift! Thanks for all you teach me Coreana! 🙂 I could never thank you enough!

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