I’m On My Way

I wrote this on my first plane and wanted to share it with you.

I am sitting on my first plane looking out the window at one of the most glorious, vivid sunsets that I have ever seen. The beauty is unreal. There is not one cloud in the sky, aside from the ones on the horizon that have formed in beautiful black outlines around the flaming orange sunset. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this sunset, or the vastness – it tops any that I have ever seen before. And we are flying right into it.

As I look out my window, to the back of me the sky is dark, and ahead is flaming light. It seems symbolic of my journey. What is behind me ( my life as I knew it in the states) is over now. And I am pressing forward into this new and wonderful chapter of my life to which God has graciously called me. I take it as a sign, a loving, affirming nod from my Heavenly Father. A small token of assurance that this is right and he is with me, guiding me. It is something that touches my heart, and he knows that. He knows me so well.

Right below my window is the right wing of the plane. I can see the lights flashing all along it’s surface. Above me the stars have come out and I am reminded of the many times that I sat outside on a clear Michigan night, looking up at those same stars, and seeing the flashing Lights of a plane, longing to be on that plane. That plane that would take me to the place my heart calls home. That place where the smells of dusty roads, sweet flowers, and heat fill up your senses and beckon you to stay forever. That place with which I am in love. That place that I call home. Honduras.

So many times I cried out to God, asking why it wasn’t me on that plane. Asking why I was stuck in a place that is not home to me. A place where I am torn from my heart and live filled with a longing to return home. So many prayers. So many tears. Waiting.

And here I am. Here I sit, directly above the very wings that I used to long to be flying on. I can’t believe He (God) gave me the seat over the wing. Only he knows how special that is to me. How amazing! What a wonderful Father have I, that he would do such a special thing, just for me. I am so loved. I am so broken.

I have cried for most of this flight. I am overwhelmed. The goodbyes have been immense. Absolutely one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. It has been so hard. My heart is breaking. And yet, my heart is soaring! I am going home!! And the ‘hellos’ that I will be saying, fill my whole being with joy! I cannot describe or contain the happiness and the overwhelming feeling of peace and wholeness that it brings. I AM GOING HOME!! Praise the Lord!

The city lights below me are growing larger, we will be landing in not too long. I will be sleeping in the airport tonight.13 hours until my next flight, and I cannot wait!! That is the flight that will take me home – Honduras! Meanwhile, I will sit and read some more of the beautiful letters that people have sent with me. I cry harder with each precious letter. You guys are amazing!

The roar of the plane is lulling me to sleep, so I will set my pen down and get some rest. As I drift off, I look out at the city lights below me and smile. I am going home.

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