I Wanted Rain

   by Corey-Ann

Today I wanted rain. Because with rain comes cool water and cool breezes. And today is HOT. The air is thick and my mouth is dry.

Today I wanted rain because my brain is tired, I feel cranky, and my body is longing for energy and renewal. Refreshed is the feeling I desire.

Today as I sat here longing for rain God brings to my mind a song: “Come living water…….all my fountains are in you…..come and rain down on us, rain down on us Lord…”

Today as I sat here longing for rain God gently reminded me that it is not the rain that I need, but Him. HE is my renewal. HE is my strength. He will endow me with these things, if I would only look to Him.

Today I am blessed by the renewal and revival given to me by my Lord. I am blessed by the little whispers, the gentle pokes, and the sometimes painful shoves that He gives me in order that I may know Him more. My sweet Lord knows my needs, he knows my heart, he knows how I function and what makes me tick. He knows what brings a smile to my face, and also what creates my tears. He knows what makes my heart jump. He knows every hair on my head, every thought in my brain, and every feeling in my heart. And yet I would look to other things to fill and refresh me other then Him?? I so often do, and yet He always forgives me and lovingly brings me back to himself. He is my God. He will strengthen me and uphold me. And he will give me wisdom and grace.

Thank you Lord for being my rain.

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