Hot, steaming coffee, not always how her morning started, but she felt she needed it today. She was tired, quite tired, but not as tired as she thought she’d be under the circumstances. Her spirit was very much alive though. No, her spirit was soaring, and thriving. She had something to live for, a goal, a prize to press toward, a dream.  A dream that fueled her, inspired her, and gave her purpose.                                                                                                                                                                        But despite her soaring spirit, life was not perfect. Heavens no, life was far from perfect. But she often wondered; does that really matter? Life is not perfect, and it is not our job to make it so. Our purpose in this world is not to try and make life perfect, but to learn to live despite the imperfections. And by God’s grace, not only will we live, will thrive!

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