True Love

True Love

by Corey-Ann


                I feel like each of us has so much love to give. In every person there is an innate and powerful desire to love and be loved. God has instilled within us this desire to be able to love with all that is in us. To be able to intimately connect with someone because of the strength of the bond of love between us.

          On this earth romantic love is the deepest, most intimate, and most giving love that we can ever share with someone. I think that is why we desire it so. Romantic love is so many things. It is care and being cared for. It is value and being valued. It is complete acceptance and being completly accepted. It is a physical and spiritual bond unlike any other human relationship in this world. It is selfless love and being selflessly loved in return.

       But as deep as this longing for love is, we dont know how to love like that. When we love someone we love them with our own flaming human love. And that love is wonderful, and powerful, and all of the above mentioned things. But the problem with flaming human love is #1. It is human love, and beause we are imperfect, our love is flawed. And #2. It is flaming. Which is wonderful, but unless a flame has something to shelter and fuel it, it will go out when the storms of life pour down upon it.

        To be able to love someone with a flaming, passionant, unconditional love every single day for the rest of our lives, no matter how deep a wound they give us. No matter how unforgivable the sin they commit against us. No matter how angry we become at them. No matter how different our opinions. No matter how tired we are, how hard it is, how annoying they are, or how much we want to give up – that is a love that we cannot handle on our own. It is a love that we have a great longing to give and recieve, and yet we do not have it within us to give.

          We need the author of love, love incarnate, and lover of our souls to be the one that fills us up each day. He needs to be the source of our love. He is our shelter from the storms of life and the eternal fire that keeps our flame of love alive. He is the source of all true love, without him there is no such thing. In order to truely love someone with a pure and lasting love, we have to first love and allow ourselves to be loved by God. -This is how we learn what love truely is.

             We have to find ourselves in God so that we can know who we are and how he loves us. In order for us to love someone, we must first learn love from God so that we can love our dear one with a lasting, passionant, and perfect love that God gives to us.

             God has put the longing for love in our hearts in order to bring us closer to him. When we seek him he showers us with his love, enabling us to give that kind of love to our dear one. Which brings us closer to them and closer to God. You see, when we love and are loved by someone with a love that comes from God, we start to understand how it is that he loves us so fully and unconditionally. And this draws us ever nearer to God and our lover. And that is true love: A full and unending circle, starting and finishing with God. Never ceasing, forever continuing around and around in a passionant and beautiful circle called ‘True Love.’

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