It’s Winter

Christmas music is playing, our tree is up, and Christmas decorations adorn our home. I know its only the 22nd of November, but we love this time of year at our house! And if the interior of our home wasn’t enough to get us in the spirit, just look out the window…’s snowing! Well, mini-blizzarding actually. If you look out the bedroom window you can see blocks of sparkling  white roofs and trees dusted with white. For the moment we live in a 2nd story snow globe! And it is lovely! You can see your breath in the air outside, and by the time you finish dusting off your car, you are covered with snow.

Baskets are filled with hats and gloves, scarves and coats hang on hooks, and boots are lined up by the door. The heater is on, warming the house, and thawing out the red noses and cold fingers that come through the door. Christmas gifts are starting to be stashed in drawers and closets, and baking supplies are starting to be purchased for homemade goodies. Homemade gifts are only able to be worked on when certain people are not there and if they aren’t finished by mid December, a frantic rush of knitting, gluing, sewing, and sneaking ensues.

The community is purchasing tickets and marking dates as Actors,  Choirs, and Orchestras are practicing for their Christmas concerts and shows, soon to be preformed. Anticipation for the Christmas Eve service at Church grows as everyone involved reherses, and everyone else waits to see what the service will include this year.

Shovels scrape sidewalks and children sled in the “snow.” (Mostly wet grass after a few slides over the 1/4 inch of snow that was there.) But their laughter and smiles, tell the world that they couldn’t be happier about it!

Time now for me to go wash the dishes…..and maybe cave in to the temptation to make a few sweet Christmassy treats! Have a Blessed day!!!

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