by Corey-Ann


Beauty is the hands that are blistered and worn

from a lifetime of work to keep the children fed and warm


Beauty is that quiet moment alone with the Lord

when we speak in silent prayer and drink deeply of the word


Beauty is a mother on her knees all through the night

praying that her child might live to see the light


Beauty is in laughter that echoes from the heart

the kind that is contagious from the moment that it starts


Beauty is the peace that’s found within your soul

the kind that comes from God and makes you feel strong and whole


Beauty is the tears that are shed for love of someone else

when you value them more dearly than you value yourself


Beauty is the great man who has a servants heart

and will gladly share the work, even the lowliest part


Beauty is the blessing that the little child says

though the words aren’t right, his eyes aren’t closed, and he doesn’t bow his head


Beauty is the innocence of the child and his faith

the kind we take for granted, but that we should imitate


Beauty is the grace that God bestows upon our lives

the love and steadfast care in our peace and in our strife


Beauty is the times we fall and lovingly are caught

when God makes something beautiful out of everything we’re not.

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