Letter from God

Letter From God

by Corey-Ann


To My Dear Child,

It breaks my heart when I see you searching for love and approval in the things and the people of this world. You dont need them to ‘approve of you’ or to ‘love you’ in order to make you be of value. I created you and I love you, therefore you are valuable. You are of greater value than mere people can comprehend. And their love cannot fill you because I created you to be filled with something much greater. I created you to be filled with the love that I have for you. And the love that I have for you is much greater than anything you can ever imagine.

I love you with an incredible and unstoppable passion. A passion so great that no words can explain it, no eyes can fully see it, and no mind can fully grasp it. I would move Heaven and Earth just to come when you call, because I love you!

I love you more intimately than anyone else ever will. I know you better than you know yourself. I feel it every time your heart beats. I feel every tear that runs down your cheek, every breath that fills up your lungs. And I know your every thought, even before you think it. Before you call, I am there, and before you fall, I am ready to help you back up again. I know every hair on your head, and as the number changes I never lose count. I know every secret wish you’ve ever had, every dream and every fear. I know your every want and every need, your every fault, your every strength. And I treasure you.

I cannot express the extent of my love for you. Not in height nor depth, not in number or word. It is measureless, boundless, undeniable and unstoppable, changless and true. Place your life in my hands, trust me with your heart, let me fill you with my love. And I promise if you do, I will always provide for you. I will never give you less than my best. I will never leave you unsatisfied. I will always do what’s best for you. And I will NEVER leave you. Because I love you my child, I love you!



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