by Corey-Ann

        I was watching a TV show this morning and was starting to feel a little miffed by how unrealistically flawless everything in the show seemed to be, when a thought hit me, “The image of “perfection” that Hollywood sells is so successful because our desire to be like that image is so incredibly strong, and we don’t even realize it.”  

       I think that the reason for Hollywood’s success in presenting this image of unrealistically flawless men and women is in great part due to a desire within us, a desire to believe that there really are perfect people out there, people with flawless skin and perfect bodies, people with perfect and happy lives. This thought is comforting to us because it nurtures the belief that since they are human and have achieved perfection, so can we. Perfection is something we all long for, and yet it is something that no one has – not even the people on the screen. And we know this. We know that the people on the screen have been artificially “perfected”.  With an incredibly well written storyline, with lighting, digital touch-ups, screen makeup, and special effects known to most everyone in the world, it’s no secret that this is how the people on screen are “made perfect”.  In reality, nothing about them or anyone else on this planet is perfect.

     But that is a concept we don’t like to think about. In fact, even though we don’t realize it, most of us think the opposite of that……if not with our minds, then definitely with our hearts.  For the Christian, we know that God is the only perfect being. We know that. But don’t tell me that whenever you watch a movie, read a book, or see the stars and models in photographs, that there isn’t some part of you longing for the “perfection” that they seem to have achieved. It’s natural to long for that. And you do, don’t you?

     Hollywood is successful in selling this image of “perfection” because it is a natural desire for humans to want perfect. Think about it, we all want perfect and we don’t even realize it. The perfect house, the perfect car, perfect health, the perfect skills for the job, the perfect hair-cut, perfect teeth, a  perfect marriage, the perfect family, the perfect way to say something, the perfect night, the perfect time, perfect timing, a perfect body, a perfect life, a dish cooked to perfection. You see, in every area of our life we desire ‘perfect.’  And to see with our own eyes these “perfections” on screen, feeds the belief that perfection is something that we can achieve on our own, something we can physically strive for, and independently attain. But that is not true. The desire for perfection is healthy, but not in this way. It has been twisted and deformed from its true, original purpose, and is now among moral people, considered unhealthy and sinful. But this is not so.

     God is Perfection. And the longing for perfection was instilled in us so that we would desire and run after him. So that we would seek to become more and more like the image of God.  He is true perfection, and is nothing like the sad excuse for perfect created by the media. When you channel your desire for perfection toward God and seek after him, you will be given incredible gifts, gifts that this world knows nothing about.  You will be given the gift of the Perfect Sacrifice: God’s precious son, Jesus Christ, given for you so that you may live in harmony forever with God. You will be given the continuing gift of Perfect Love:  God’s love for you is flawless and unending, and he will give you that same love so that you may share it with others.  You will be given the gift of Perfect Peace:  the very presence of God to guard your heart and mind and to calm your soul and renew your spirit. And you will be given the gift of a Perfect Home: Heaven, where you will live forever with God in all his glory and love.

        The hope of perfection that the media offers us is appealing; I can’t deny that. It is very appealing, it holds the promise of attainability, feeds on our human nature and vanity, and most importantly it surrounds us. The media’s concept of perfection is a worthless and unattainable illusion, and there is almost no place you can go without being bombarded by it. However the perfection that God offers us is so much more, it makes the media pale in comparison. And most importantly God’s perfection is REAL. If we run after him with all that is in us, the legacy that we will have left behind and the life that we will have lived out for him………well, it won’t have been perfect, but it will have been lived with purpose, God’s Purpose. And that is all that truly matters.

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