Rain Dancer

Rain Dancer

by Corey-Ann


Warm rain is coming down

quenching the earth.

Saturating the ground to overflowing

and renewing it with blessings of life.

 A sweet aroma rises up from the newly blessed earth and fills the air.


The peaceful sound of the falling rain

brings a smile to my soul.

Reminding me that even in falling there is beauty.


This curtain of rain dances around me

calling me to dance with it,

calling me to feel its quenching goodness.

And so I dance.


With arms open wide and fingers outstretched

I dance with the rain.

Its rythm and direction guide my steps and its music fills my soul.

It is beautiful.


Rain is beauty

It saturates my smile and warms my skin

I smell like sweet rain

I cannot help but laugh.


Im sure I must have things to do

but I have forgotten.

The rain has taken me dancing and I am saturated in its beauty

All else has been forgotten


My feet create splashes in the puddles

I can see people are watching me.

How can they not be dancing?

Do they not know what it feels like to dance with the rain?


And so the rain and I dance on

Spinning and laughing, crying and walking.

It is warmpth and coolness. It is joy and peace.

It is sorrow and hunger. It is thirst and drink.


The rain is healing and renewing

It saturates me with sweet joy.

The thunder claps and the lightening flashes

The rain is telling me to go inside and watch now as it dances for me.


And so I sit and marvel in its beauty

and thank it for the dance.

I am smiling as it sings me to sleep

and dances round my house in my dreams.

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